Removal requests

When I, Simon Hutchinson, make a request to remove my copyright content from another web page or site, and the other web site's staff request proof that I own RPGPGM.COM I will place the request's information on this page.

KABARMALAM.CO, October 2017

1.Original URL
Infringing pages:

October 13, 2017 Submitted DMCA to Cloudflare.
Received email from Cloudflare saying that OVH is the webhost of the infringing site.
Completed abuse form on OVH website.

October 16, 2016 Received email from OVH stating that "most of our services are "unmanged" to our customers. This means that we only have physical access to the server and cannot access its content. We are technically unable to modify or delete content, or making an abusive behaviour stop by intervening directly on the server, as it is not managed by us.". Support ticket #FZGCMWPRS.

October 16, 2016 Submitted a DMCA complaint to Google, 1-8048000019584, details here.


Infringing domain/hosting information taken from

Registration Date:2017-07-26
Expiration Date:2018-07-25
Updated Date:2017-08-11

Earlier removal requests are archived to a page in the MORE.RPGPGM.COM subdomain.