Friday, January 9, 2015

Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

I have been following with horror the news from France regarding the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and I have been reflecting upon how this effects me. I am fortunate that I am not in the danger those heroic people were when I express my rights.

I believe that the freedom of expression is essential to the creative process. As developers, programmers, system administrators, operators, etc. we need to be able to express opinions freely without fear of retribution. This blog is an example of my right of expression, as everything I say is my opinion.

While I do not know any of the people murdered or injured in this attack, I do feel that this is an assault on all of us as it attempts to silence us. The freedom of speech is a delicate balance, as one person's freedom of speech can be another’s hate speech. No matter how badly someone felt nothing justifies the actions that took place.

I feel I must join the chorus and say: Je suis CHARLIE.

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