Saturday, February 24, 2018

Searching RPGPGM.COM


Addendum (October 3, 2020)

If you are wanting to search for information in RPGPGM.COM use the "Search this site" page.



I was surprised this week to have received communications asking how to search this website for various words and phrases. I am writing this post so that I can refer people to it, if I am asked this question again.

I can think of three easy ways to find information on this site:


Search this blog

The Search this blog box is found at the top of the right hand side column. You enter the search phrase you desire and click grey arrow head.

Click on image to see a larger version

This will search the site's RSS feed for what you desire and display all the relevant posts, one after another.


List of all posts

You will find the link to the List of all posts page in the page menu directly under the site's headings.

Click on image to see a larger version

I created this page to list every post I have written, by topic. If I wanted to browse looking for information on how to program in, let's say, CL I will find all the posts related to CL programming grouped together. I can use the Topics menu at the top of the page to go directly to the subject matter I am interested in.


Using Google

You can also use Google to search within this site, using the site: followed by this website's URL and the phrase you wish to search. For example if I wanted to search for all posts and pages that have the phrase "user defined function" in them I would enter the following in the Google's search box: "user defined function"

I need to use the double quotes either side of the search phrase as Google will interpret this as a search for that string. I did not have the double quotes Google would interpret as it a search for:  user and/or defined and/or function

How this particular search request is interpreted and displayed by Google can be seen here.

If you are unfamiliar with Google search you can read Google's help here.

As I am in the USA I use GOOGLE.COM, the same logic works for all national variations of Google search. Therefore, if you use GOOGLE.CO.UK, GOOGLE.CO.IN, GOOGLE.PE, etc. the results will be the same.

Why do I recommend Google and not Bing or other search engines? In my experience Google updates its index more frequently than the rest, and their search bots go deeper into web sites, than the others, finding more posts and pages.


I find I use all three of these methods, depending upon what I am trying to find and the situation I find myself in. I hope that after posting this you can all easily search RPGPGM.COM to find the information you desire.