Thursday, March 2, 2023

Presentations in March 2023

This month I get to talk to a non-USA based IBM i Local User Group, LUG, and you can meet and see me in action at my first in person conference of the year:

For more information about these events check the LUG's websites, and contact them directly.

There is also a meeting of the Central Texas IBM i User Group, CTXiUG, on Tuesday March 21 @ 6:30 PM (CT). We will be joined by Patrick Behr who will be giving two presentations that will be of particular interest to RPG programmers. It is on-line and free. You can learn more and register at the CTXiUG website.

If you are a member of a LUG and you would like me to talk to your group, use the contact form to reach me. We can then arrange a date and subject.

If you are a member of a LUG that is not listed on my LUG page, please contact me and send me your group's details.

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