Monday, June 3, 2024

June's presentation

I have one engagement this month:

I am travelling to the United Kingdom to attend i-UG's i-Power conference in Northampton. It is a two day event, Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th June. I will be making three presentations on the Wednesday. If you are in the UK at that time this will be a valuable conference for you to attend to give you the opportunity to learn more about IBM i and the IBM Power server.

You can register for the conference here.

To see the speakers, presentations, etc. click here.

If you are attending and see me please introduce yourself and say "Hello".

If you are a member of an IBM i Local User Group, LUG, and you would like me to talk to your group, use the contact form to reach me. We can then arrange a date and subject.

If you are a member of a LUG that is not listed on my LUG page, please contact me and send me your group's details.

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