Monday, May 26, 2014

Overview of IBM i 7.2 by Tim Rowe

7.2 v7r2

Tim Rowe, IBM i Business Architect for Application Development and Systems Management, has written an overview of the new IBM i release 7.2

There is a wealth of new capabilities available with the IBM i 7.2 release. In this article, you will learn about some of the database, security, manageability, and mobile device integration enhancements that keep your IBM i solutions well-positioned for today and into the future.

In it he covers:

  • Information into insights - DB2 for i.
  • Solutions for a modern mobile world - mobile and web.
  • Resiliency with downtime – HyperSwap support in IBM PowerHA.
  • Security without compromise – includes new system value for password rules.
  • Strong integrated value – too much to mention here.

You will find his article here: IBM i 7.2 – The great beyond.

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