Tuesday, October 3, 2017

IBM i 7.3 TR3 and 7.2 TR7 announced

ibmi 7.3 tr3 and ibmi 7.2 tr 7 announced

In a blog post published this morning Steve Will, chief architect of IBM i, announced the new Technology Refreshes for IBM i 7.3, TR3, and 7.2, TR7. I am not going to give a long list of links to all the new and enhanced features and functions, the Enhancements pages, listed below, do that. What I will mention are the things that caught my eye.

As with earlier TRs there are many additions and changes to Db2 for i (SQL). These will keep me busy over the next few months writing about them for this blog.

A bit disappointed about their only being two changes to RPG. A new %PROC built in function to return the name of the current procedure. And the ability to use qualified names in the %ELEM built in function and DEALLOC operation code.

New version for Rational Developer for i, RDi, v9.6.

In Open Source the addition of Nginx web server, and enhancements of Eclipse Orion to include many new languages including CL, DDS, and fixed and free form RPG.

Ability to install Licensed Internal Code, LIC, from USB.

These new TRs will be available on October 27, with the exception of Db2 for i web query on December 8 and RDi v 9.6 on November 21.

As I find more information I will update this post.

The links to everything I have found about these new TRs are here.

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