Friday, November 29, 2019

developerWorks data to be moved to another IBM website

Last month I noticed a banner that appeared on the top of all the developerWorks pages notifying us that it was to be closed on December 31 2019.

This has alarmed many IBM i folks who have taken to social media asking what is to become of the valuable information contained within developerWorks?

Yesterday I noticed the following announcement from Barbara Morris, lead developer for the RPG compilers, in the RPG Cafe:

As noted above, developerWorks Connection platform will be sunset in the near future. We are actively working on migrating the contents of this Blog to another site. Return here to see more details as they become available.

A further update was released later in the day:

In my previous post, I forgot to mention that the RPG Cafe wiki, blog, and forum will all be migrated.

For the blog, not all posts will be migrated. Any post about an upcoming enhancement will not be migrated. Only posts about general topics will be migrated.

For the wiki, almost all the content will be migrated.

For the forum, we are hoping to migrate all the content.

I would like to thank Barbara for her reassurance that this excellent content will not be lost. And I look forward to using the new site.

You can see Barbara's latest announcement here.

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