Tuesday, October 6, 2020

7.4 TR3 and 7.3 TR9 announced

new technology refreshes 7.4 tr3 and 7.3 tr9 announced

The autumnal announcements have been made for new Technology Refreshes for the currently supported versions of the IBM i operating system:

  • IBM i 7.4 TR3
  • IBM i 7.3 TR9

The TRs include the same updates for Db2 for i (SQL), RPG, and open source.

  • Db2 for i (SQL):
    • 18 new services
    • 11 enhanced services
    • 5 functional enhancements
  • RPG:
    • 1 new compile parameter
    • 2 new built in functions
    • 2 enhancements to existing built in functions
    • 1 new operator
    • 1 new control option
  • Open source: lots, the ones that stood out to me were…
    • ProgresSQL 12
    • Node.js version 14
    • MariaDB

You can see all this information for yourself at:

The new Technology Refreshes will be available, via PTF, on November 13, 2020.

Addendum (3:00 PM)

When I wrote the above there was no information in the "RPG Cafe" website for this round of TRs. It has now been added and you can find it here (look for the Fall 2020 enhancements).

Blog post from Steve Will, chief IBM i architect, about the TRs here

Addendum (Wednesday October 7)

I have found the release letters:

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