Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Changing how Run SQL Scripts displays null

ac change how null displayed and connection timeout time

I have now had a little bit of time to play with the new version of ACS,, and I have found a couple of things I thought were worth sharing with you. These are how null is displayed in the results and the connection time out.

The default null value has always been a hyphen ( - ), but as character fields/columns could contain just a hyphen how do I tell the difference between column that has just a hyphen and null in my results?

The default time out is 10 minutes. For security reason I should probably not increase that time, but on my home PC I often get distracted and find that I have disconnected when I return. I am not going to change the default time on my work PC.

Both are found from the menu at the top of the "Run SQL Scripts": Edit > Preferences

Then click on the "Results" tab.

I can click on the drop down to select what value I want to display for null. I click on the drop down next the field to display my available options:

I can also select a color background for the null values too. I make sure the check mark is in placed next to the "Cell background color when value is null", and click in the box next to it. The following color palette is displayed:

When I select the color I desire and click the "OK" button I am returned to the "Results" tab.

Below the display null settings is the "Activity", or I prefer: time out setting. I increased mine to 30 minutes.

Click on the "OK" button and my original SQL result is changed:

Personally I do not like the background color so I unchecked the check mark next to "Cell background color when value is null" for the default background color to be used.

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  1. I've also been toying with ACS I also set the SQL null value to "null". The SQL examples seem to have been updated and added to. The download via IBM's download director was fast, smooth and the upgrade took seconds. The 1 thing to keep in mind is if you have an SQL folder where your SQL's are stashed, save it and restore it after the upgrade.


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