Monday, February 1, 2021

User Group month 2021 kicks off

ibm i user group month is february 2021

I am a big believer and supporter of IBM i Local User Groups, LUG, as they are always a great place to swap and share experiences, as well as learning from your peers. This website has a page dedicated to IBM i user groups, and you can use this to find whichever one is closest to you.

Once a year I go through this list and purge from it all of the groups that are no longer active, or their website is inactive. I also ask you if you know of any groups, anywhere in the world, who are not listed, changed their web address, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts that are not on the list please contact me via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter with their details. You will find all of my contact information on the About page, or you can use the Contact form on the right.

If you learn of any information about a LUG outside of this month please let me know, and if it is new or has a new website I will mention it on this blog.

Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word about LUGs.

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