Friday, May 19, 2023

Latest Db2 and RPG TR PTFs out today

In the IBM i world does "Christmas" come twice a year when the PTFs for the Spring and Fall Technology Refreshes are delivered? I think so!

Today the PTFs for Db2 (SQL) and RPG are released for the latest Technology Refreshes, IBM i 7.5 TR2 and 7.4 TR8.

The base operating system PTFs for these TRs became available on the May 8, 2023, but they did not include any of the changes and enhancements to Db2/Database or RPG.

Going through the IBM pages for PTFs I have found that the PTFs for the base operating updates are:

The RPG Cafe states that: "The [ new RPG ] PTFs are also available in Db2 for i Fix Packs." Therefore, we should not have to download separate RPG PTFs.

The PTF numbers for the new DB2 PTFs:

More information about these PTFs can be foubd here.

The links to all the Group PTFs for the currently supported releases of IBM i can be found on this page.

I recommend you perform a CUM PTF load to ensure that you have the latest Technology Refresh PTFs, and any others that would be applicable to your systems.

Today I'll be making a request of RZKH to load all of these PTFs on to the IBM i partition I use to write the content for this blog.

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