Thursday, May 11, 2023

Spring 2023 version of the IBM i and Power10 performance guides

There are two updated publications from IBM to help us get the best performance from our favorite operating system, IBM i, and from the brand new IBM Power10 server it runs upon.

The first is "IBM Power 10 performance optimization for IBM i". It is 22 pages long and covers all kinds ways you can get the most from your IBM Power 10 server. I have read most of it, and when my employers moves to a Power 10 server, later this year, I hope to implement most of its suggestions. You can download your own copy here.

The other is the "IBM i on Power – Performance FAQ". This one is 112 pages and covers in detail what you can do to get the most from the IBM i operating system. This includes sections for things you can do with your RPG and COBOL to optimize it. This can be downloaded from here.

Lots of information to read, but worth it to get the best from our operating system and servers.

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