Monday, December 11, 2023

ACS is now available

Update April 11, 2024: New version of ACS is available. Read about it here.

I was alerted this morning by Stephan Schüttler that a new version of Access Client Solutions, ACS, is available. I see that the bug that did not display that an update was available has been fixed as when I checked I received the window shown below.

If you want to install the update for yourself you can either click on the "Download Update…", shown above, or you can go to IBM's ACS download site at I am not going to repeat the download and installation instructions as I gave them when I wrote about the ACS update.

The download is top of the list of things you can download:

When you have downloaded this file to your computer check the "Getting Started" document, you will find it in the zipped file, which will guide you through what you need to do depending upon which operating system you are using.

I installed the new version without any issues.

To find out what changes and enhancements have been made you can check out IBM's ACS page here.


If you have read the Security Bulletin modified December 8, 2023, the recommendation to overcome the vulnerabilities listed is to update your ACS to this release:

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  1. After installing this, the data transfer download via a Windows command line (within a .bat file) prompts for username and password. Never did this prior to installing - it used the cached password from the prior Windows command using plugin=logon. Anyone else notice this?


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