Monday, January 30, 2017

Steve Will: What is coming in 2017

This is a short video that Steve Will, IBM i's chief architect, made for OCEAN user group of Southern California about what is coming in 2017.

This compliments his earlier blog post about the future of IBM i.


  1. Wish list:
    1 - WRKSPLF give the capability to search a users spool files by date. WRKOUTQ does not. It would be nice to have the ability to search an OUTQ by user or date. Also, the sort order. RDY, SAV, HLD is difficult when an OUTQ has 1000’s of entries.
    2- Display spool file. With the explosion of Free-form use, searching a spool file by upper-case is not a given. If SEU in “Browse/Copy Options” you have the ability to search ignoring case, why not Browse spool file? Hasn’t i-series in its’ puberty reached a point that this would be possible?

    1. I know this is not exactly what you have asked for in number 1 but have you tried using the OUTPUT_QUEUE_ENTRIES View and Table functions?

  2. Im not an sql guru, forgot any limited knowledge I had . And being a one man band for a co that needs an orchestra, don't have time to learn it. But thanks anyway

  3. Oh, you'll think we're crazy, but due to regulatory needs of having to have spool files on line for a given period, one of our outqs has 140k files. So u can see why it's difficult navigating

    1. Would it be easier to convert those spool files to, let's say PDFs?
      That way they can be copied to network, CD or whatever and you could then release that space to be used for something else.


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