Thursday, March 14, 2019

IBM i 7.4 section now in KnowledgeCenter

ibm knowledge center page for coming ibm i release 7.4

In January I found signs that a new release of IBM i would happen this year. This week I found another sign when I discovered that the KnowledgeCenter now has a section for IBM i 7.4.

Alas, it is just a "place holder", with no information is within it, but it is another sign of the pending new release.

If you are interested in visiting the new section click here.


  1. Interesting enough, if you change the URL to

    It shows IBM i 7.5 as the section. So perhaps IBM has pre-determined the next release after 7.4 to be 7.5

    If you change the "scope" to be ssw_ibm_i_76 or higher, this doesn't work - all the more reason 7.5 may already be the next version...

    1. At the time I wrote this post only the 7.4 site was active, as I did try the 7.5 link.

      It is interesting that they have created the site for 7.5 too.


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