Sunday, January 27, 2019

More proof the new release of IBM i is coming

I mentioned earlier this year that there were signs that there would be a new release of IBM i announced this year. Images from IBM showed arrows to indicate that IBM i Next would happen in 2019.

Arrow shows IBM i next coming in 2019

I was curious whether IBM i Next would be another version 7 release, 7.4, or a totally new release, 8.1?

Poking around in the IBM KnowledgeCenter I found the answer, there is now a section of the site for IBM i 7.4. It does not, as yet, contain any information, it is more of a "place holder".

IBM i 7.4 page in IBM KnowledgeCenter

The URL for this is:

My guess is that the new release will be announced at the COMMON PowerUp19 conference in May 2019.

In the meantime let's see what more information we can uncover about the new release before then. If you find something about it please share by sending me what you found via the Contact Form, on the right.

Am I the only one who feels excited by this?


  1. Hi Simon,
    No excitement from my part. The same picture providing a view of future releases has been in use by BigBlue now for a number of years. The only thing changing is the current version lineup.
    As they have been consistent following the previous plans, I'm quite assured they'll stick to the one you discovered.

    The only excitement would be on what's gonna be in the enw release. I'm hoping for more RPG goodies to make our lives a bit easier. Maybe it would be nice to have a little survey amongst your readers to see what they'd like?


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