Saturday, July 25, 2020

It's been IBM i for longer than AS/400

In a post on LinkedIn yesterday Steve Will, chief architect of the IBM i, shared an interesting milestone in the life of the this operating system.

This operating system had been known as IBM i for a long as it was known as AS/400.

Published July 24,2020

The name AS/400 is a bit of cheat as the server was launched in 1988 as the Application System/400, and was replaced by the Advanced System/400 in 1995, which was in turn replaced by the iSeries in 2000.

The IBM i operating system and PowerSystems server were launched in 2008.

If I am understanding Steve's post as I have written this post today I can say that this operating system has been known as IBM i for longer than AS/400.

If you are interested in the history of servers and operating system releases I have them listed here.


  1. I always thought that AS/400 is not an operating system. The AS/400 OS was called CPF, and some called it OS/400. Thoughts anyone?

    1. CPF was the name of the System/38 operating system. It was called OS/400 until the great name change in 2000.

  2. CPF was the name of the System/38's operating system, like SSP was for the System/36.
    As far back as I remember the first version of the AS/400's operating system was OS/400.


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