Wednesday, September 8, 2021

IBM Power 10 chips and server announced

power 10 e1080 announced

In what will be probably be the biggest announcement in the IBM i world this year IBM has announced their first server using the Power 10 chip, the E1080. I am not really a hardware guy, but I do appreciate the improved performance that the new Power 10 chip gives.

The ERP vendor SAP has developed their own SAP Application Performance Standard, SAPS, which they use to compare servers to one another. Their benchmark tests for the IBM Power 10 show that it outperforms Dell EMC PowerEdge with the Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 processor, SAPS 955.050 versus 248.530.

Even in a cloud environment 8 sockets, 160 cores of the IBM E1080 outperforms 16 sockets, 448 cores Google Cloud and HPE Superdome Flex.

The E1080 even consumes less power than the older equivalents. It consumes 52% less power than a Power E880C does, and 33% less than a Power E980.

IBM i is one of the four operating systems that can be run on IBM Power servers. What would an IBM i user need to do to move to the E1080?

Initially Power 10 will only support the two currently supported releases of IBM i, 7.3 and 7.4.

If you are using a Power 7 or 7+ server, or later, there should really not be a reason why you are not using at least release 7.3.

For those of you using older Power servers you would need to contact IBM to determine your upgrade path.

As part of this announcement two new Technology Refreshes were also mentioned. You will need to apply TR11 to version 7.3, and TR5 to 7.4 . It just so happens that they were announced earlier today.

As I find more interesting information about Power 10 I will update this post.

For now here are the interesting links I have found so far:

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