Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Fall Technology Refreshes announced

ibm i 7.4 tr5 and 7.3 tr11

To accompany the announcement of the IBM Power 10 launch we also have the announcement of the Fall 2021 Technology Refreshes, TR, for the two supported releases of the IBM i operating system, 7.3 and 7.4 . These TRs are necessary if you want to move to the new Power 10 E1080 server.

Comparing the page for IBM i 7.3 TR11 and 7.4 TR5 they have the same additions and changes:

  • Twelve new HTTP functions added
  • Seven new services added to retrieve various audit journal entries from the audit journal
  • A new "re-imagined" version of the "Navigator for i" in ACS
  • Three new additions to RPG:
    • %MAXARR and %MINARR built in functions
    • Sort a data structure array using more than one subfield using SORTA with the new %FIELDS
    • DEBUG(*CONSTANTS) to see the value of constants in debug

For Open Source there are new versions of Node.js, GCC, and Python, and a bunch of new tools including Cron.

Use the links below to learn more about the new TRs:

As I find more information about these TRs I will update this page.


  1. Funny, 20 years ago "they" said the IBMi was old and being replaced...where are "they" now? Playing games on their windows box.


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