Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Fall 2023 TRs announced

Today is the day that IBM has announced the Fall 2023 Technology Refreshes for the currently supported releases of IBM i, 7.5 TR3 and 7.4 TR9.

All the information about the TRs can be found on IBM website on the following on the following pages in IBM's websites:

The planned availability date for the TRs's PTFs in November 17, 2023, with the exception of those for the PowerHA SystemMirror for i which will be made available on December 15, 2023.

It appears that the same additions and enhancements have been added to both TRs. There are 17 additions and 19 enhancements to Db2 for i, three to RPG, and a whole lot more added to Navigator for i.

The things that caught my eye are (these links are to the IBM i 7.5 documentation):

The above links are all to the IBM Support web site, some of the links on those pages do not resolve to the appropriate pages in the IBM Documentation site.

New additions to RPG include:

The Support Wiki pages even show the changes that were made to the latest version of ACS,

Today is also the withdrawal of IBM Db2 Web Query. You can see the announcement about that here.


  1. Very curious about the spreadsheet function. I got a “Not Found" when I dig around about it on IBMs site.

    1. The pages in the IBM Documentation web site were missing at the time of the announcement. As the day has progressed the relevant IBM Documentation pages have been added.


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