Friday, April 12, 2024

ACS out now

I want to thank Shaker Steven for bringing to my attention this morning that the Spring 2024 update for Access Client Solutions, ACS, is now available. When I opened my ACS the following window popped up informing me the new update was available.

You can either install the new version,, by clicking on the "Download Update…" button on the window shown above. I personally go to IBM's ACS download site at (Note: the URL is case sensitive) and download it from there.

The instructions are the same as they have been for previous releases, therefore, rather than repeat them I am going to refer you to the post I wrote for the ACS update.

The file you want to download is at the top of the available files:

Once you have downloaded the zip file I recommend you read the "Getting Started" file. This will guide you through the install process depending upon which operating system you use.

I installed without any issues.

To learn what is included in the new version check out IBM's ACS page here.


  1. Installs fine for me on Win 10 but not Win 11 (even after changing the Windows terminal). The terminal window flickers and the task ends. Suggestions?

    1. Has been working fine for me since the first day I installed it.
      Check your Java, it might not be up to date.
      Check your Windows 11 has all the latest Windows updates.
      When installing make sure you install the appropriate version for the Windows you are using.


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