Friday, July 26, 2013

Query Engines: CQE versus SQE

I received an interesting message regarding the Passing parms to a Query post that I consider worth sharing.

Before I share the message I need to explain that there are two query engines on the IBM i (AS400): the Classic Query Engine (CQE) and the SQL Query Engine Engine (SQE). What runs through each engine is shown below:

Classic Query Engine
OPNQRYF - Open Query File
Standard Query Engine
QM - Query Manager
RUNSQLSTM - Run SQL statement
Interactive SQL
Embedded SQL

The SQE is constantly being improved by IBM and much, much faster than CQE, Djurre Postma explained.

Recently I converted a bunch of Query/400 queries to QM Queries by simply running RTVQMQRY. The old set took about 48 hours. The QM set finished in 4 hours! There is so much more available in SQE than in CQE!

I would like to thank Djurre, and the others who sent similar messages.

You can learn more about the query engines on the IBM website here »

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