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July 15, 2024: Sonia Johnson

Hi, I read your homepage profile and I found you to be a very talented person.


July 9, 2024: Peter Sørensen

There are many pioneers like Rpgpgm Simon Hutchinson here on the platform perhaps it is time that some of us others also raise our voices.


July 5, 2024: Amit Sharma

Simon Hutchinson thank you very much, I would mention your post are great place to learn.


July 1, 2024: Nanfor Ibérica

¡Gran blog! Estoy impresionado con las sugerencias del autor.

Translation: Great blog! I am impressed with the author's suggestions.


June 29, 2024: Satid Singkorapoom

Mr. Hutchinson's web site has been an abundant source of such knowledge for me.


June 24, 2024: Carlos Aquino

Rpgpgm.com es excelente, muchas gracias Simon!!!

Translation: Rpgpgm.com is excellent, thank you very much Simon!!!


June 17, 2024: Hassan M Farooqi

I really appreciate your free education. There are many IBM champs that I don't know and don't care, because for me a champ contributes to the community.


June 15, 2024: Alex Wilks
(About the eleventh anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations, Simon. Your site quickly became my "go to" resource for new features and how to do all things RPG, SQL and CL related. I don't know how I made it through the my first six years programming on the IBM i without your knowledgeable and easy to follow posts. Cheers to 11 years! and hopefully many, many, many more!


June 13, 2024: Caracal Keithrafferty
(About the eleventh anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

I'm 2 days late, but happy 11 years to RPGPGM, perhaps the best site ever made for RPG developers. Simon Hutchinson's genius really shows through in the decade's worth of educational content he's put together for our community.


June 13, 2024: Mark Walls
(About the eleventh anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations, Simon! Thank you for providing such an invaluable resource!


June 13, 2024: Gary S. Lea
(About the eleventh anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment


June 13, 2024: Guido
(About the eleventh anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Thank you for your job! The best site for Power I ! Grazie mille


June 13, 2024: Jacob Anderson
(About the eleventh anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Happy birthday RPGPGM! Thank you for helping me and the community!!


June 13, 2024: Joe Morales
(About the eleventh anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congrats and Happy Birthday! Thank you Simon for keeping the site active!!!


June 12, 2024: Christophe Seewald
(About the eleventh anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations on yet another year. But mainly thank YOU Simon for the work you put in that blog to share all that valuable knowledge. May there be many more years to come !


May 30, 2024: Maureen Kelly

Hi Simon, firstly, thanks for this awesome blog. I get so much value from it!


May 28, 2024: Josh Bander, IBM Champion

... keep you all the great work you do for the community!


May 16, 2024: Travis Mooney

Hi Simon, as always thank you for your endless support and contributions to RPG programmers around the world.


May 14, 2024: Terry Hoover

Been a reader of RPGPGM.COM for many years!


May 10, 2024: Steven Riedmueller, IBM Champion

[ RPGPGM.COM ] has ALL the information. What an incredible resource.


May 10, 2024: Paul Roberts

Rpgpgm.com has all the information I need.


May 8, 2024: Juan Ernesto Torres

Excelente los articulos de Simon Hutchinson, gran aporte a la comunidad AS400.

Translation: Excellent articles from Simon Hutchinson, great contribution to the AS400 community.


May 6, 2024: Ricky Thompson

Simon thank you so much for all the articles, tips and tricks. Great contribution to the community.


May 2, 2024: Glenn Melville

Simon, thank you for all the effort and work you put in to run this blog and the invaluable information that has provided knowledge that has more than likely helped a lot of us out of a high pressure sticky situation over the years.


May 2, 2024: Nanfor Ibérica

I am so grateful for your blog. Really thank you!


April 23, 2024: Bradley Smith

Congratulations to you on your growing and well-earned reputation in the IBM i community. I don't know how you manage to fit so much into each week and do your day job at the same time. Your work ethic is impressive.


April 18, 2024: Susan Gantner, Partner at Partner400 and System i Developer, IBM Champion, speaker, and author. (copied from Facebook)


April 12, 2024: Tito Bertoli

Grazie per tutti i post Simon.

Translation: Thanks for all the posts Simon.


April 11, 2024: Rochelle Petty, Vice President WMCPA, IBM Champion

What you've done for the community is a key part of the growth and knowledge to the platform, Simon! Thank you from all of us.


April 10, 2024: Alan Craig

Thank you very much to all the help, insight, new discoveries that you share with our side of the world. All of them help me much, personally speaking!


April 4, 2024: Luca Maurizio Verzicco (copied from LinkedIn)


April 3, 2024: Guido Faecke

Thanks for your help and time!


March 21, 2024: Anton Gombkötö

You're doing so much good for the community, making us all writing better code for the best platform we all love can only be good.


March 13, 2024: Nirmal Khatri

Thanks for the valuable info. I am a regular visitor of your website.


March 11, 2024: Paul Amit

Great blog! I was reading other blogs before coming across this one. I believe the information provided here will be more helpful than the other blogs.
Thanks for sharing this valuable information.


March 7, 2024: Armando Someillan

Thanks so much for taking the time to do these articles, they are VERY helpful and I always learn something new!


March 7, 2024: Carlos Torres

Thanks a lot Simon, much appreciate your time building this website.


March 6, 2024: Marco Balgera, FAQ400

Thanks and congratulations for your work in RPGPGM.COM


March 1, 2024: Stephan Schüttler

I like and follow your pages !! It's often a great help findings answers.


February 28, 2024: Jeff Preston, President of Preston Software LLC

I have been a big fan of your web page as you’ve saved me hours of time.


February 23, 2024: Jack Wilkins

I very much enjoy reading your posts.


February 19, 2024: Antony Myers

Thank you for the knowledge you have always provided


February 18, 2024: Alan Seiden, Seiden Group, IBM Champion

I'm admirer of your work.


February 12, 2024: Ati Gebreselassie

Thank you for your time and knowledge sharing for us and for the whole community.


February 5, 2024: Debbie Carmichael

Rpgpgm.com is a valuable resource and it's important everyone is familiar with you and its content.


February 4, 2024: Daniel Corbett

Greetings from Down Under! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge!


January 29, 2024: Yvon Vieville

Les articles de Simon sont toujours passionnants : RPGPGM.com

Translation: Simon's articles are always fascinating: RPGPGM.com


January 26, 2024: Sunil Kumar

Your website answers so many questions when we search on google. Thank you so much for creating such a huge reservoir of knowledge for all of us.


January 17, 2024: Victor Broccoletti

Simon Hutchinson you are the king! Your blog is the best.


January 15, 2024: Flora van der Beek

What has really helped me complete my project is the clear working examples you posted in rpgpgm.com


January 10, 2024: Nisha Pandey

I read your blogs and it’s really helpful and engaging


January 9, 2024: Michel Hong

This site contains well written, well thought and well explained programming articles.


January 5, 2024: Orlando Rios

Hello Simon, Happy 2024.
Just wanted to stop by and Thank you for your contributions in the RPGPGM.COM I have found lots of good tech tips there. Consulting your web site from time to time has proven invaluable for me. To the point that I feel indebted.


January 2, 2024: Peter Atkinson

Awesome!!! reference this website daily


December 20, 2023: Jeff Klipa

Simon Hutchinson is a great source for coding ideas and examples.


December 18, 2023: Peter Nguyen

For examples and tutorials I like Simon's page rpgpgm.com


December 14, 2023: Marina Schwenk, President of WMCPA, COMMON North America board member, CAAC member, IBM Champion

I wouldn't be surprised if someone from IBM mentioned your blog in a presentation, I know I mention it all the time as a reference for anyone.


December 12, 2023: Mohammad Wasim

I am really thank full for your articles on RPGLE RPG CLLE mainly on iSeries. Your article really helps us alot. Thank you.


December 11, 2023: Maharo Ralohotsy

Your site is very helpful to me, thank you


December 8, 2023: Jacob Anderson

Thank you for dedicating so much time and energy to the community.


December 6, 2023: Francesco Fratton

Simon you are better than a Redbook !!


November 21, 2023: DL Rima

Simon's site is great, there's TONNES out there.


November 20, 2023: Debbi Rahl

Simon you always have the answer


November 18, 2023: Naresh Kumar

Very useful and good stuff!!!


November 10, 2023: Sadam

Hello Simon,
I have been following your blogs for few years now. you are doing a great job sharing your knowledge. Thank you


November 8, 2023: Carlos Robles Espinoza

Simon, Thanks for everything you post.


November 3, 2023: Djurre Postma

Thank you very much for all your excellent blog-posts. A very, very good reference site you have there.


October 26, 2023: Phillip Knox

Simon, I am a big admirer of your work!


October 16, 2023: Brad Wilkinson

Hi Simon. As always, your articles are very good.


October 13, 2023: Boris Serrano

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much for making the IBM i software development, available in your web site!


October 7, 2023: Manfred Barho

Hi. Your blog is one of the best. Great job !!


October 4, 2023: Kajal Bhattad

Hi Simon,
I just had to reach out and tell you how much I value your blogs. Your posts are impressive, and I have found immense value in the insights and knowledge you share on https://www.rpgpgm.com/


September 29, 2023: Gary Kuznitz

Thank you greatly for the work you do with the web site examples.


September 21, 2023: copied from X (aka Twitter)


September 17, 2023: Robert Chavez

Thanks Simon for being an invaluable source of information!


September 14, 2023: Terry Williams

Simon, keep up the great work! Your contributions are a real asset to the IBM i community!


September 13, 2023: Carson Hunsanger

I love these posts and learn so much from them.


September 4, 2023: Nirmal Patel

I would like to thank you for all your contribution for this community, you are really doing a commendable job please keep up the work. Thanks again!!


August 25, 2023: Shatse Israel

Thank you for your generous sharing of knowledge and help full site !


August 23, 2023: Chuck Losinski, Vice President of QUSER user group

Thanks for your hard work on behalf of all us IBM i peeps.


August 19, 2023: Bob Guzman

Simon, Thanks for your hard work.


August 15, 2023: Gregory Simmons

Hi Simon, thanks for sharing this. As always, I enjoy consuming your articles, great work!


August 13, 2023: Arun Rai Srivastava

Hi, I am always getting help for all my queries from you and am very thankful for it.


August 9, 2023: Maximo Martinez

We appreciate your notes and posts. Very helpul.


August 3, 2023: Luis Soto

Thanks for all you do for the IBM i community.


July 29, 2023: Reid Collier

Simon, I find your information extremely helpful and useful. Thanks for all that you do for the IBM i folks.


July 24, 2023: Laura Ubelhor, President of SEMiUG and IBM Champion

Thank you Simon Hutchinson for all you do for the community. If you haven’t done so already you should visit Simon’s site RPGPGM.com. Simon has been serving the community for many years through his blog.


July 20, 2023: Jordan Sutton

Your RPGPGM.com is a wealth of information about many different things related to the IBM i.


July 14, 2023: Meer Irfan

I like your all post. You have done really good work. Thank you for the information you provide, it helped me a lot. I hope to have many more entries or so from you.


July 13, 2023: Gary Mikos

Simon, thank you for your posts. I reference your site on a frequent basis.


July 7, 2023: Jay Amalraj

Good morning, I would like to thank you for the contributions you make, both on your blog and on LinkedIn. I've only been in the IBM i world for a short time. Thank you very much.


July 3, 2023: Amit Sharma

Today in India we are celebrating "Guru Purnima", the day when we thank our mentors. on this occasion, I would like to thank you for all your help and support!!
Happy Guru Purnima!!


July 3, 2023: Chris Ringer

Both you and Scott [Klement] are great teachers.


June 30, 2023: Bill Langston, Director of Marketing, New Generation Software, Inc.
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

I want to congratulate you on RPGPGM.com's recent 10 year anniversary. You've done so much good work.


June 30, 2023: Khairy Noor Azmi

HI, i just found your rpgpgm.com website and it is really interesting! I used to be AS400 operators back in the 90s. Changed career over the years and now at mid 40s, I found myself in love again with as400.


June 26, 2023: Yannoche
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Hello Simon, Thx for this blog, helping us to keep the 'AS400 farms' alive. Been working around them for 23 years now and I still feel as a rookie. Cheers!


June 25, 2023: John Westcott Jr, IBM Analytics Consultant, Db2 for i

It was great meeting you, finally, as I have followed your blog for awhile now.


June 23, 2023: Maharo Ralohotsy

hi simon, I am maharo, biggner on as/400. I follow you, and I like your posts, thank you so much.


June 22, 2023: Phillip Knox

Big admirer of your work!


June 19, 2023: Yuv

Hello Simon, I wanted to express my appreciation for the informative posts you've been sharing.


June 15, 2023: Eric Chapuis
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations Simon! A great achievement and a fantastic contribution to our community. Thank you.


June 14, 2023: Terrie Smith

Thank you for the tips. I love them all.


June 13, 2023: Daniel Fournier
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Joyeux anniversaire. Merci pour votre travail, je vous suis depuis des années. Vos contributions m'ont permis de découvrir les nouveautés, de les comprendre et de les utilisés. J'espère vous lire encore les dix prochaines années.

Translation: Happy birthday. Thank you for your work, I have followed you for years. Your contributions have allowed me to discover the novelties, to understand them and to use them. I hope to read you again for the next ten years.


June 13, 2023: Daniel Jackson
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations and thank you for the insights into RPG and everything else IBMi. You have helped me keep up on the IBMi.


June 13, 2023: Tom Rojewski
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Thank you a lot! rpgpgm.com has helped me a lot over the last couple of years! I have recomme d your site to a lot of people.
Keep up the great work!! And thanks again!


June 12, 2023: Sam Abbott
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulation and thanks for being saviour for us at many times.


June 12, 2023: Hanakya
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Thanks a lot for your contribution on IBMi


June 12, 2023: Ema Tissani
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Long may you continue too! Keep the standard up and show what is possibile with this system... RPG (+SQL) is the best language for business logic, period, and your blog is excellent resource to keep skill sharp... we don't care about fashion, we care about substance.


June 12, 2023: Ken Jenkins
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations! Your post lead me down a rabbit hole browsing a few years worth of your posts. You have certainly been busy. Great work. Here's to the next 10 years!


June 12, 2023: Avrohom Notik
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations. The most professional and practical site for IBM i.


June 12, 2023: Michelle Lyons, Chief Operating Officer, imPower Technologies
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Well done! Here’s to another 10!


June 12, 2023: Tibor Tanits
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Happy birthday RPGPGM!


June 12, 2023: Anton Gombkoto
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Well deserved! Congrats!


June 12, 2023: Francesco Fratton
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Great job Simon..


June 12, 2023: Daniel Johnson
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Thank you for publishing the site. It is excellent. Keep up the good work !!! I log in a couple of times a week.


June 12, 2023: Kalpesh Patadia
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Happy 10th birthday http://RPGPGM.com. It has really been a great point of reference on many occasions. Thank you Simon for Rpgpgm


June 12, 2023: Joe Morales
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Congratulations on the 10 years... thanks for keeping it going!!!


June 12, 2023: Bill Stafford
  (About the tenth anniversary of RPGPGM.COM)

Great 10 years. Very very good site for learning RPG and SQL. Thanks Simon


June 11, 2023: Anshu Agarwal

Hi Simon
I am fan of your simplified RPG solutions
And the learning almost new updates from your page and website


June 8, 2023: Charles Scotland

Good morning Simon,
You put a lot of time, thought and effort (tlc) into yout work.
Thank you for sharing, all that you do for our industry, and us.
I appreciate it and I am sure a lot of others do to.
Thank you!


June 5, 2023: Andrea Wiegand

Einen großen Dank für die vielen guten Informationen von Ihnen.

Translation: Many thanks for the good information from you.


June 2, 2023: Carrie Busbee

great content. thanks for teaching such important topics


May 24, 2023: Sagar Bagal

Hi Simon,
I have been following you on social media and admire your knowledge about IBM ISERIES


May 19, 2023: Patrick Behr (copied from Twitter)


May 17, 2023: Les Lieurance

Hello Simon,
I feel like I’m on your site several times a week. I appreciate all of the great content.


May 8, 2023: José Omar Palacios

Compartes tanta sabiduría. Me quito el sombrero ante ti.

Translation:  You share so much wisdom. I take my hat off to you.


May 5, 2023: Steven Shaker

Not Quantity but Quality counts !! And your posts are very helpful in any matter !!!


Moay 3, 2023: Alan Hobbs

Your blog is making the IBM i world a much better one. I usually get the info I seek and see another interesting topic before the IBM page has even loaded.
Thank you very much.


April 27, 2023: Brian Bunney

Simon, I really enjoy your posts.


April 25, 2023: Bolivar R. Alvarez

Simon, I am an avid follower


April 20, 2023: Joel Quisenberry

Simon, you are the guru.


April 18, 2023: Sudhir Nayak

Hi Simon, Long time follower, I always seem to find myself on your informative site.


April 17, 2023: Craig O'Neill

Hi Simon, you are doing great work.


April 12, 2023: Anna Müller

Vielen Dank für die ganzen Infos, die wir hier von Ihnen bekommen.

Translation:  Thank you for all the information that we get from you here.


April 7, 2023: Horacio Moreno Flo

I would to thank you for sharing your knowlodge to us


April 6, 2023: John Mays

There is Simon Hutchinson whose www.rpgpgm.com site continues to be tremendous.


April 3, 2023: Emilio Rodriguez

Your website is always helping, Mr Simon, thank you very much


March 29, 2023: Chris Ringer (copied from Facebook)


March 20, 2023: Chris Greene

Thank you Simon for a site full of gems that I've been using for years.


March 18, 2023: Bolivar R. Alvarez

Simon thanks for all your info.


March 15, 2023: Jim Buck, IBM Champion (copied from Twitter)


March 10, 2023: Dave Thames

Simon I am truly grateful for all you do!!!


March 8, 2023: Joanne Pereira

Thank you for your articles. I have used your techniques for many things.


March 7, 2023: Jack Wiliams

Very cool. I've been a developer on the i for over 30 years and I always learn something from your articles. Thank you very much for doing this.


March 6, 2023: Viswanatha Krishnan

Hi, Simon. I like your SQL tricks for various commands. You are of great help for people like me.


March 3, 2023: Steven Moon

Hi Simon, I'm a fan of http://RPGPGM.com and constantly learning new things.


March 3, 2023: Glenn Gundermann

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your articles. Thank you Simon.


February 24, 2023: Benjamin McLain

I am researching the IBM i space and I have found your site very helpful.


February 22, 2023: Franz Kanju

Amazing blog! I really like the way you explained such information with us.


February 16, 2023: Gaurav Kumar

Hi Simon,
Good Evening I hope you are doing well, I always feel motivated when I read your blogs, so wanted to mention you to some of my work. Recently wrote a blog mentioned you their.
Its a thanks to you as well for your help always.. Much love and respect for you Simon... :)


February 10, 2023: Robert J Garland

So many great tips. I don’t try to remember them all. I just google rpgpgm.com and what I am needing at the moment.


February 9, 2023: Eric Chapuis (copied from LinkedIn)


February 3, 2023: Marco Gauzzi

Your work is pure gold


January 30, 2023: Jhony Rojas

I wanted to thank you for all your valuable contributions in RPG and SQL AS400.


January 25, 2023: Vinh Pham

Hello Simon, I like your SQL articles.


January 20, 2023: Joel Quisenberry

I use one of your tips every other day. Keep 'em coming!


January 17, 2023: Jerome Hughes

Your RPGPGM.com posts are often very helpful.


January 14, 2023: Alan Bowen

I like what you’re doing with SQL.


January 13, 2023: Ankur Johari

Hi Simon
Thanks a lot for sharing your vast AS400 Knowledge with us via your blog "https://www.rpgpgm.com/"


January 12, 2023: An Di

RPGPGM COM … this is a Great site … thx Simon


January 9, 2023: Braj Pal

Simon Hutchinson your articles and help is highly appreciated sir


January 5, 2023: Murali K

Your blog is Bible for so many people including myself.


January 4, 2023: Sudhir Nayak

Simon Hutchinson .. personally your articles have been a life saver for novice developers like me . I learned free rpgile reading thru your articles . For me you are a cult figure in this technology.


January 2, 2023: Himali Fonseka

I really appreciate that you take the time to help us to grow and learn more about it.Thank you so much.


December 31, 2022: Jothi Arun

Simon, your blog has been so helpful.


December 21, 2022: Howard Adkins

That is a lot of tips and much needed help for iSeries developers. Thank you!


December 15, 2022: Ankita Senapati

Hey Simon! Your work is really very very helpful for all of us !


Decmber 15, 2022: Dennis Reeves

Simon thanks for all you do.


December 10, 2022: Karimulla Patan

It's really helpful to learn such new things every day.......big thanks to Simon Hutchinson


December 9, 2022: Ajay Kumar Akurathi

Thank you for all your work Simon . I learnt new things from this blog.


December 5, 2022: Anand Ijer

Your blog is my first "Go To" website for anything that I need on IBMi


December 2, 2022: Chris Thorpe

Thank you for contributions to the IBMi community, I visit your site daily.


November 24, 2022: Mayur Kumar Dosi

Simon, it [ this blog ] is really helpful.


November 21, 2022: Shahid Kudshi

Simon; Thank you for everything you share on your website. It's really helpful to learn such new things every day.


November 19, 2022: Robynne Thatcher

Simon, your blogs are my first stop when I'm looking into anything specific. I really appreciate that you take the time.


November 18, 2022: Santosh Saste

Simon. I am a big fan of your blog.


November 17, 2022: Michael Parker

Thank you so much. You have help me grow as a programmer.


November 15, 2022: Joe Reiner

Thank you so much for all the tips, techniques and service to our community over the years!


November 10, 2022: Shahid Kudshi

Simon, glad you created this platform. Thanks for all the help you provide to all IBMi users.


November 10, 2022: Igor Vaynerman

Simon! Great stuff! Probably the best IBMi blog! Please continue! Good luck!!


November 4, 2022: Bill Pahl

I always read your posts. Thanks for lots of ideas and clear instructions.


October 26, 2022: Ernesto Irizarry

Thanks for your useful articles and links !!!


October 21, 2022: Dharmendra Damke

Hello Simon
I am regular followers of rpgpgm which helped me a lot in my current profile. Really thankful to you.


October 19, 2022: Maricel Labidi

You are the best. Thank you for being a great contributor to the IBM community. I've been an avid reader of your columns.


October 14, 2022: Kalpesh Patadia

Rpgpgm.com is the encyclopaedia for RPG developers!


October 7 2022: Michael Kulen (copied from Facebook)


October 6, 2022: Doug B

As a frequent consumer of this blog I want to say I really appreciate it. I don't know how you make the time for this but am glad you do.


October 5, 2022: Phil Foster

I love you site. It is so helpful.


September 27, 2022: Bill Langston, Director of Marketing, New Generation Software, Inc.

Simon, Your week-in, week-out dedication to presenting valuable IBM i functions so clearly and concisely is remarkable. Thank you.


September 25, 2022: Justin Bryant

Simon, I always learn something from your blog posts.


September 21, 2022: Charlie Guarino, President of Central Park Data Systems, IBM Champion 2022

Thanks for all you do for the IBMi community.


September 15, 2022: Rosemarie Pembleton

Hi Simon! I look to your site first for all SQL information and examples! Only the BEST!! :)


September 11, 2022: Bart Wouters

Thanks for all the work you put in rpgpgm.com. It is really appreciated.


September 8, 2022: Dan Riehl, President and Instructor of The 400 School, Inc.

Very nice articles! Well done Simon. Thank you!


September 5, 2022: Ivàn Martinez

How a luck to have found this site. Thank you Simon.


August 31, 2022: Gary Garrido

Thanks Simon! I really like your clear articles. By far the best source of IBM i knowledge!


August 30, 2022: Chris Stafford

We appreciate all of your contributions to the IBMi community


August 28, 2022: Marcelo F Paez

Eu recomiendo este site para dicas de SQL

Translation: I recommend this site for SQL tips


August 26, 2022: David Larsen

I thank you and keep up the GREAT work.


August 26, 2022: Steve Pitcher, IBM Champion for Power

I’m a big fan of the content you provide to the community especially on the topic of SQL.


August 17, 2022: Stanley Gonzales

Appreciate your articles, I have learned a lot from them.


August 12, 2022: Russell West

Hi Simon, I always enjoy reading your tips.


August 11, 2022: Maricel Labidi

Thank you for being a great blessing to the IBM community. I am your biggest fan.


August 10, 2022: Dawn May, author of the iCan blog, IBM Champion, IBM i Community Advocate, President of Common 2022

This is an IBM i community web site with a lot of great posts about programming and SQL, with excellent examples.


August 2, 2022: Brian Stark

Thank you for all you do for our IBM i community.


July 29, 2022: Gary Mikos

Thank you for your presentation at [ Common virtual conference ] Focus 2022. Along with the knowledge you shared, it came with a side benefit to finally see and hear the person behind rpgpgm.com. I have used the site many times.


July 25, 2022: Maximo Martinez

Hi Simon, I am your fan. You are the best, god bless you always for been so kind and supportive with everybody.


July 23, 2022: Urtzi Larrieta Alvarez

Your website is GOLD


July 19, 2022: Michael Jorgenson

Love your posts. They have been very helpful.


July 18, 2022: Suzhen (Susan) Zeng

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


July 12, 2022: Olivier Drubigny

Un autre site pour trouver des techniques sympa en anglais.
Beaucoup d’astuces sur les dernières sorties technologiques d’IBM i. J’adore le lire et y trouver des pépites qui me débloquent pas mal de situations.

Translation:  Another site to find cool techniques in English.
Lots of tips on the latest IBM i technology releases. I love reading it and finding nuggets that unlock a lot of situations for me.


July 8, 2022: Jesse Gorzinski, Senior Business Architect Open Source Software on IBM i, IBM (copied from Twitter)


July 7, 2022: Vinay Chatterjee

Thank you so much Simon, your articles help me a lot.


July 1, 2022: Nate Goldman

Your blog is always a very good inspiration to try new things and learn, thanks for that!


June 30, 2022: William Roberts

Rpgpgm.com is your best resource.


June 29, 2022: Craig Dunstan

There is always something I didn't know. Your articles never disappoint. Thanks Simon Hutchinson!


June 29, 2022: Pal Singh

Thanks for help. We always count on Simon.


June 27, 2022: Griffin Kerr

Thank you so much for your help and great articles. Best for you.


June 23, 2022: Ken Killian

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Translation: Another site to find nice techniques in English. Lots of tips on the latest IBM i technology releases. I love reading it and finding nuggets that unlock a lot of situations for me.


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Translation: If you want amazing posts with RPG/SQL information that are worth checking out ... see rpgpgm.com ... Regards


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Translation: The best RPG programming website, that I have found. It's excellent.


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I am at a new shop, and have embedded SQL, but not must checking for SQL errors, found it frustrating until I found your example!


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Translation: Thank you very much for your excellent contribution to the community.


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As a daily habit , I will open your blog and read the posts


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From a presentation given to the Toronto User Group, TUG:
RPGPGM.COM is an excellent resource for IBM i developers


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Que sigan los éxitos personales y profesionales ..!!

Translation: Congratulations Simon .. !!
Let the personal and professional successes continue .. !!


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Translation: Interesting posts


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I think the first time i spoke to someone about your blog was 2014, every time I get ask where I search for things, I say go to rpgpgm.com.


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December 20, 2019: Dani Szwarc, author of Dani's IBM i blog
Taken from the post "The importance of the IBM i community"

RPGPGM.COM: I was forgetting about this fantastic IBM i blog – Thank you David for pointing it out! Simon Hutchinson’s blog is full of tips and how-to guides. In every single post there is something to learn. Although I am not that advanced, this will be a key reference for me in my journey.

Follow up on Twitter:

What you do is very appreciated. Originally RPGPGM.com wasn’t on the list: I've forgotten because the subjects it touches are still far from my current knowledge. However, you are constantly sharing knowledge with the IBM i community. That is big Simon. Thank you!


December 20, 2019: Marie Gris

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Translation: Professional of the AS400 myself for 27 years, I just discovered your blogs and the tricks it contains. Thank you for creating all this. I've been taking over an AS400 business since June 17th


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After #IntPower19 the other week I feel the need to try converting one of my programs, and its copy-sources, to full free-format RPG, luckily @RPGPGM with a fantastic guide to my DCLs - From AS400 to IBM i: Defining variables in RPG all free

Defining variables in RPG all free


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June 10, 2019 was RPGPGM.COM's sixth birthday.


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Translation: Best regards, I am pleased to be a reader of such a prestigious blog.
Thanks: Simon Hutchinson


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Simon is one of the few who can take the time to self-publish on the net with no financial remuneration. Many of the generation of writers that most of us grew up reading can no longer afford to do that. And great job that he does.


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The post Gaurav mentions is Speeding up CPYF.


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Rpgle free format & fully free format makes me more confident to write less code and present it to the clients before the time line .
Sqlrpgle also good enough to write the code in a simplest way that meets the requirement if our clients in a simplest way .
Cl pgm makes me more confident while using this blog of yours that makes me a good sense to write the cl programs which I haven't done it before .
Files structures also makes me a clear sense while read this blog of yours .
Now I find myself quite competitive to sustained as a developer in any project because it took me easy steps to wrote the complex program into a simplest form.
Regular advancement of this blog would be a great help for all our as400 lovers & who are involved in this profession . Thank you once again for this beautiful post .
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He has done a lot for us ........
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Taken from the LinkedIn article A useful blog for IBM i ILE RPG programmers

Simon Hutchinson writes a blog about advanced ILE RPG (IBM i platform) topics. With these blog posts, he explains a lot of concepts that may not show up every day for the typical RPG programmer, but are really useful if that's what you need

Follow up comment.

Simon, you cover a lot of topics of interest for someone trying to be innovative with their RPG programming. I thought it was time for a shout out.


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May 5, 2017: Scott Forstie, DB2 for i Business Architect SQL Development Team Leader IBM i developerWorks content manager

Hi Simon, Just fyi that I plan to refer COMMON attendees to your recent LISTAGG article. I think you did a great job (as usual) of explaining the topic. Using SQL to aggregate columns into one returned result

This Facebook link mentions the post Using SQL to aggregate columns into one returned result

Continued on May 7, 2017

Show of hands at my session today...who reads Simon's articles? lots of hands raised including mine


May 5, 2017: Joe Tran

gr8 job Simon. I am reading your article one by one.. Please keep up the good work and help us grow into gr8 as400 professionals like you !


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Greetings from Germany


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[Congratulations on the excellent technical content of the posts.]


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Link to comment on the post ON-EXIT provides code executed at end of procedures.


December 6, 2016: Abhishek Sapre

In all over world you are apriciate we need yours experience dear simon


November 17, 2016: copied from Twitter

From ASNA: There is tons of free-format RPG goodness in this great post by Simon at @RPGPGM

This tweet was about the following story Creating a program to show jobs in message wait


November 17, 2016: Dave Wise

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SQL within Qshell
Using SQL to get information from Job Logs


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... one of the things I also want to do is to highlight things that I, and others, have written that I think deserve a wider audience. So who to highlight first? Well I’m going to go with a fellow ex-Brit Simon Hutchinson.

Simon publishes a regular blog on his RPGPGM.COM – From AS400 to IBM i site, and he covers some really worthwhile topics mostly in the RPG and SQL arenas. He always includes meaningful examples and his explanations are thorough and well thought out. Recommended reading.


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So thank you for doing this. I believe the information provided is extremely useful and relevant. I am constantly sharing the information with my developers.

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