Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Added to the user group list: LUG

I am sure many of you know how I feel about user groups. I believe they are a valuable resource to help IBM i folks to come together, learn from one another, and help spread the joy of IBM i.

I was pleased to receive an email today from Lynne Benedict to introduce me to the Large User Group.

Unlike all the other user groups I have listed on the IBM i user groups page of this website which serve a geographic area, Lynne described LUG as a "worldwide organization".

You can check their website at

I have also added this link to the IBM i user groups page. You will find a link to user groups page at the top of every page of this website, or you can click here.

Feel free to check out which user group is closest to you.

If you know of a user group which is not on the user groups page use the Contact form to send me its details.

For those of you in southern California I hope to see you at tomorrow's (Thursday October 10, 2013) OCEAN user group meeting, for more information about this meeting see here.

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