Monday, February 10, 2014

How to tell if you have the PTF for RPG all free

dspptf rpg tr7 ptf si51094

I have been asked by several people how they can check if their IBM i has the necessary PTFs loaded to use the new RPG all free.

I thought it would be useful to create a quick post showing how I would check for the PTF.

Your server must be running IBM i version 7.1. If your server is running 6.1 then the RPG enhancements may be introduced with a future CUM PTF. If you are running on V5R4 or earlier you will not be able to use these enhancements.

The PTF that introduced the RPG enhancements is SI51094. Any PTF that supersedes SI51094, any CUM PTF tape created after January 2014, or the next release, i.e. IBM i 7.2, will include this functionality.

To check if a PTF is present on your IBM i you would use the DSPPTF command thus:


If the "Display PTF Details" screen is displayed the PTF is present.

If the message PTF 5770WDS-SI51095 *ALL not found is displayed the PTF is not present.

If the PTF has not been loaded ask your System Administrator to load it for you. Do remember to tell him/her that SI51094 might have been superseded by another PTF. Also ask them for PTF SF99701 level 26 or higher for the embedded SQL enhancements.

Both of these PTFs were loaded onto the IBM i I work on in less than an hour and without interruption to the users on the server.


  1. When do you think Rational Developer will catch up and allow syntax checking and conversion for the new free format features?

    1. RDi 9.0.1 has had fully free support for some time now. SEU will never support fully free, or anything added to RPG since 6.1.

  2. Never mind, RDi v9.0.1 was released in Dec.

  3. Rational Developer for i already has fully free syntax checking! You'll need the latest patch, version 9.0.1

  4. To be extra clear, you do NOT need to load TR7 in order to use the new RPG compiler support. All you need is the single PTF. This PTF was announced at the same time as TR7, so many people think they are related.

  5. Hi. What PTF ir required on V4R2?

    1. Support for V4R2 ended May 31, 2000. All of the cool stuff that has been released in the past few years, including this, is not available for that old release.

  6. Hello,
    I'm developer in rpg with iSeries V7R1, the ptf SI51094 is installed and group ptf sf99701 is in level 27 but i can't work with free format.
    Please what is wrong ?

    1. You have not given any information to what exactly the problem is.
      Are you getting an error message when you try to edit in free format?
      Is there an error when you compile?

      Please give more information so I csn try to assist you.


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