Monday, April 28, 2014

IBM i 7.2 announcement

release 7.2 v7r2m0

Today IBM has announced the new release for IBM i 7.2. In his blog post announcing the new release Steve Will, Chief Architect for IBM i, briefly described the themes of new release as:

[w]e have a list of themes that related to delivering a great platform for today’s solutions. Mobile devices, cloud delivery models, advanced middleware – IBM i 7.2 delivers function that enables all of these. And, in conjunction with the rest of Power Systems, we announce support for the first POWER8-based systems. You’ll be able to find a lot of information about new Power Systems, and we will have more information about how IBM i takes advantage of the new architecture in the future, but that’s not the focus of our IBM i bloggers today.

He also mentioned that the IBM Knowledge Center is the place to find all the release 7.2 documentation. You will find it at:

Major enhancements in this release include:

  • Enhanced security options in DB2 for i
  • Many new functions for programmer productivity and expanded function in DB2 for i
  • Improved ease of use with IBM Navigator for i
  • Enhancements to iAccess Client Solutions
  • Extension of security to more applications through new single sign-on (SSO) environments
  • Liberty Core as the base for Integrated Application Server
  • Support for Zend Server 6.0 on IBM i 7.2
  • Performance improvements for the integrated file system
  • Extensions to the printing environments
  • Expanded Hub functions for Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS)
  • PowerHA SystemMirror for i Express Edition with new HyperSwap capability
  • Support for new Power Systems built with POWER8 architecture and processor
  • Additional I/O capabilities including support for WAN over LAN
  • Rational tools enhancements to support Free Format Report Program Generator (RPG)
  • Support for the open source file serving solution Samba

The announced planned availability date is May 2, 2014.

Rather than repeat what others have said I am going to give the links below to the details:

IBM websites:

IBM-ers blogs:


  1. I hope they are making XML easier

    1. If I may ask, Scott. Are you using the XML-INTO op-code. Life is wonderful, once that came out.


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