Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More on IBM i 7.2 TR2 and 7.1 TR10

More information for the new Technology Refreshes, IBM i 7.2 TR2 and 7.1 TR10, is slowly coming out.

The release date for these is May 29 2015 with the following PTF numbers:

  • IBM i 7.1
    • SI55340 TGTRLS(*CURRENT)
  • IBM i 7.2
    • SI55442 TGTRLS(*CURRENT)
    • SI55531 TGTRLS(V7R1M0)

IBM's announcement letter can be found here.

The enhancements RPG can be found in the "Whats new since 7.2", mixed with the 7.2 TR1 enhancements, here.

And the MC Press has an article about the DB2 for i (SQL) changes here.

Once I can get access to a server with one of these Technology Refreshes I will start writing about them here.



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