Monday, August 17, 2015

Investigating about the future of IBM i

Last month the Swedish publication Data3 published an interesting article about the future of our beloved plaform. Two students working at the Handelsbanken AB were asked to investigate the IBM i and its future. They interviewed developers, technicians, and managers from the bank and other companies, asking them about the platform and how RPG compared to other servers and programming languages.

Their conclusions were very positive for both the IBM i and RPG:

We who are students often got the question during the pre-study: “Would you work with IBM i, is it something that you could see yourselves work with?” In the beginning of the pre-study our answer would have been: “Well, we do not know so much about the platform isn’t it quite old?” Now, afterwards, when we have seen that working on the platform could be modern, that there is a huge demand for new employees, many international possibilities and great believes in the future, we can confidently say: “absolutely!” Spread this understanding and we believe that many new and motivated employees will gather to work with IBM i.

You can read the full article here, and feel free to share it with the "AS400 is dead" naysayers.

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