Thursday, March 16, 2017

Interview with IBM Systems Magazine

ibm system magazine interview with author simon hutchinson

About a month ago I was contacted by Paul Tuohy and asked if I would consider being interviewed about this blog, RPGPGM.COM, for his iTalk with Tuohy podcast for the IBM Systems Magazine. I was very flattered that he considered me worthy, as he has interviewed members of IBM's IBM i and PowerSystems teams, and many of the IBM Champions.

Yesterday the interview was published on IBM Systems Magazine's website, with the title Simon Hutchinson on RPG Code and, in both text and audio. You have all read how I write, now you can hear what I sound like.

I just want to thank Paul for making the interview so comfortable, I feel I could have continued talking for a lot longer than the allotted time.


If at a later date this article is removed from IBM Systems Magazine's website you can see a copy at this link, as a PDF.


  1. Dude! You are exceedingly worthy of Paul Tuohy's interview. You do a great job with this blog.

  2. This was a great interview Simon. I didnt see this in 2017 so thanks for blogging this


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