Monday, April 3, 2017

IBM i performance FAQ updated

ibmi performance faq updated april 3 2017

An updated version IBM's IBM I on Power – Performance FAQ was published today, called a "Spring refresh" by Steve Will the IBM i chief architect.

The What's new in the latest version?, section 1.3 on page 11, lists eight new questions added to the document.

If you are just a programmer type, not dealing with the finer points of tuning a Power server, there are sections to do with optimizing Cobol and RPG too:

  • Section 8.14 p57: How do I tune RPG/COBOL application performance and native I/O file access?
  • Section 9 p62-68: Database performance
  • Section 10 p69-70: RPG/Cobol native I/O

Good stuff to read, learn, and apply to your work.

The document is a PDF file and can be found on IBM's web site here.

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