Monday, September 18, 2017

Db2 for i poster

Scott Forstie, Db2 of i Team Leader, posted on twitter:

Are you bummed out that you don't have #Db2fori posters? Cheer up, you can have the pdf

The link to download the poster is here.

I have already printed mine and stuck it on the wall of my office.


  1. The provided link stopped working and gives 404 now... interesting, any ideas why?

    1. I wish I knew why IBM keep changing their URLs.

      I have changed the link in this post to the PDF in my Dropbox account. You can download it from there.

  2. The Link to the poster does not work. Any chance for n updated link? You referred to it in the post from today. 1/15/2020

    1. I have tried from two different locations and been able to reach the posters both times.

      Are you trying this from work? Does the firewall at work block access to Dropbox?


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