Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Db2 enhancements in IBM i 7.4 TR2 and 7.3 TR8

ibmi 7.4 tr2 and 7.3 tr8 enhancements

The Db2 enhancements for the new Technical Refreshes of IBM i were published tonight, 7.3 TR8 and 7.4 TR2.

I have only had the opportunity for a quick glance at the pages for the two TRs and I find that there are some additions that have been made to 7.4, and not to 7.3:

  • Functional enhancement: Weakly typed distinct types
  • Functional enhancement: HASH_ROW built-in function

The same additions to the RPG language were made for both versions. These are:

  • %TIMESTAMP() will return a value with microsecond precision
  • %TIMESTAMP(*UNIQUE) will return a 32-byte unique timestamp with microsecond precision and with "uniqueness" digits in the final 6 fractional seconds
  • %KDS will support a variable for the second "number of keys" parameter
  • The LIKEDS keyword will support a simple-qualified name

Other interesting changes I found are in:

  • ACS
  • IBM Navigator for i
  • RDi
  • Open source ecosystem

Here are the links to the two pages:

Rest assured when more information becomes available you will be able to find it on this website.

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