Friday, August 14, 2020

New version of ACS:

acs version download

Update December 7, 2020: New version is currently available for download here

A new version of IBM's Access Client Solutions, ACS, has been released. ACS includes:

  • 5250 emulator
  • Printer emulator
  • Navigator for i
  • Run SQL scripts
  • File transfers
  • And a lot more

And it is free to download from IBM's website.

If you are using a free IBM i service, like RZKH's, then this is what you should use as it gives you a lot more than the other 5250 emulators.

To use this you will need to be running at least Java 8.0.

To download the software you need to go to, and login with your IBM id. If you do not have one you can create one on that page.

Confirm the license agreement.

On the downloads page the first file on the list,, is the file for the new release.

The zipped file is downloaded. Unzip this into a folder on your computer.

Read the instructions in the QuickStartGuide. You can either find this file in the download or you can download just this file by clicking on this link. And yes, it has the old release number for ACS at the top of the page.

If you are a Windows user, alas, there is no nice window telling the progress of the install. Once started you just have to be patient, on my PC it took about 10 minutes, until you get the message that the install is finished.

These are the enhancements for this release. I have copied these from IBM's read me file:

1. Enhancements to Integrated File System:
- Performance improvements when displaying contents of a directory based on column attributes selected See section "9.12.5 IFS Performance" in GettingStarted for additional details.
- Option added to "Download..." for converting a text file to UTF-8 so it can be viewed on the workstation RFE (118261)

2. Enhancements to the Content Assist feature of Run SQL Scripts include:
- F4 as an alternate activation shortcut
- Support for providing syntax proposals (templates have been removed)
- Support for built-in functions
- Highlighting of next expected change(s) within the statement when a proposal is selected
- Improved filtering performance in the proposal list
- Intelligent positioning of cursor within Content Assist
- Support for OLAP and CASE expressions, VALUES queries, derived tables, JOIN clauses and other query support

3. Enhancements to the Visual Explain feature of Run SQL Scripts:
- Mouse wheel scrolling has been modified (RFE 142594)

4. Enhancements to Database Schemas:
- Added "Call in Run SQL Scripts" action for procedures
- Added "Query in Run SQL Scripts" action for functions
- Provide additional details for journaled objects

5. Enhancements to 5250 Display:
- Added keywords &SYSNAME and &SYSDESC to watermark options (RFE 143829)

6. Enhancements to System Configurations:
- On Connection tab, display the SSH port configured in the service table (RFE 141986)
- Display the port number for each service during Verify Connection

7. Other General Enhancements:
- Enable sorting by profile on the Passwords tab (Edit->Preferences) (RFE 141873)

I have installed this new version, and have just started playing with it to discover its new features.


  1. There's some pretty interesting stuff in the Run SQL script in the examples. Like how to find users with elevated authorities from there supplemental group profiles. The SQL formatter really makes it easy not to screw up on your syntax.

    1. They have made this tool even better.
      No excuses for using STRSQL!

  2. Been using ACS SQL since ACS was delivered. 1 point to make on SQL is if you SAVE your own SQL's into ACS, they show up in the ACS main folder. When upgrading, I pull that folder aside first to my desktop. Once the upgrade is done, I simply add it back to the ACS main folder and they are all there to use going forward.

  3. see IBM.i has more gui lately than ever...


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