Monday, July 18, 2022

Merlin comes to 7.3

When the announcement for IBM i 7.5 was made we were introduced to Merlin. This was made available for IBM i 7.4 TR6 too.

I do not remember there being any mention of Merlin being made available for earlier releases. It appears that I missed something as earlier this month IBM announced that Merlin would be available for IBM i 7.3 too.

For more information you will find the announcement here.

Personally I think this is a great move by IBM to broaden the number of their customers who can use Merlin, as there still are a lot of companies still running IBM i 7.3 on their partitions.


  1. It's good that it's now available with 7.3. Should check with my admins if we can get this installed.

  2. thanks Simon Hutchinson for coming up with this. Seems iSeries is going to stay longer and theres a lot of opportunity


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