Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Java errors with ACS

I want to start this to say that this is NOT an issued caused by the new version of ACS.

I use Microsoft Windows 11 on the computer I write these posts upon. Last week I applied the latest round of Window updates to my computer. After that whenever I opened any part of ACS I was presented with a Java error window, and then ACS would open.

I contacted IBM Support who sent me this:

This is a common issue with the Windows 11 2H22. For more information and resolution follow this link:


The page linked to offers two solutions. I followed the instructions for Option 2, and it resolved this problem.


  1. I am glad I’m not alone! Issue started a couple of days back for me so same root cause then. It fortunately doesn’t stop 5250 emulation from working. Will try suggested fixes now.

  2. Thanks for sharing. And if ACS doesn’t open at all on the latest Windows update, then the solution is to update Java to the latest version.

    Natalie Reyes

  3. IBM support should not be suggesting that users disable windows terminal. That is an excellent feature of windows.

  4. Hello Simon. Just to double-check. I have Win10 version 22H2 (OS build 19045.2251), ACS and IBM java.version:
    If I attempt to connect to Open source package management. Once I set my user, password and then click ok (without changing any other flag) the message I receive is this "You don't have sufficient authority".
    Does it happen also to you? Thanks for your answer

  5. Launching ACS as administrator eliminates the window.

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