Thursday, December 15, 2022

IBM Power10 server industry standard server of the year

In their annual awards of products are services The Channel Company, via their website CRN.COM, recognized a Power10 server as the Product of the Year in the Industry-standard servers category.

The Power10 chip and servers first announced in September 2021. Followed in July 2022 by the mid- and small-size servers.

SAP, probably the world's best known ERP vendor, performed their own tests pitting the top end Power10 server against the top-of-the-line Dell Intel based servers. The Power10 outperform the Dell server. You can see their findings:

This recognition from The Channel Company's industry server of the year was not for the top end E1080, it was for the mid-sized S1024, which can run the IBM i, AIX, and Linux operating systems.

You can read IBM's specifications for the S1024 here.

And you can read The Channel Company's page, on CRN.COM, for this award here.

Congratulations to IBM for this industry recognition!

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