Thursday, December 8, 2022

Surprise TR for IBM i 7.3

IBM did it before, making an unannounced Technology Refresh for IBM i 7.3 in the spring of this year, TR12. I have been informed that they have done it again releasing another unexpected TR, TR13, on December 1.

Perhaps I should not be surprised. IBM i can now be run on a Power10 server. Could these PTFs fix compatibility issues there? Could they be updates for security fixes as well? Only IBM knows.

You will find all the details for this TR PTF on this page: SF99727 730 Technology Refresh - level 13.

The person who brought this to may attention, could not tell me if these PTFs include a 7.3 version of the RPG compiler and Db2 for i enhancements that are in the fall TRs for IBM 7.5 and 7.4.

What is interesting is IBM i 7.3 TR12 and TR13 are missing from IBM's IBM i Technology Updates page. It only list TRs for 7.3 up to TR11.

As IBM i 7.3 is still an active release, until September 30, 2023, I should not be surprised that they are still making PTFs for this release.

If any of my partitions are still using IBM i 7.3, I would apply this TR as part of a CUM PTF, to ensure my partition has all the latest fixes and enhancements available for this release.

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