Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Finding a way to monitor for more than one message with RPG's monitor

Perhaps this title is a little misleading, I struggled to come up with something that adequately describe this scenario in the space allowed.

I was asked if there was an easy way when using a Monitor group to perform some kind of action if the message id starts with something like 'RNX12'.

Let me get start with my example RPG code:

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Creating a User Index with SQL

When I wrote about a SQL procedure that allowed me to add data to a User Index, ADD_USER_INDEX_ENTRY, I created the User Index with the QUSCRTUI API. I received an email from an IBM employee telling me that there was a SQL procedure that would allow me to create the User Index.

I am going to do here is to create the same user index as I did with QUSCRTUI in that other post.

In this first example I am going to create the User Index with a fixed length entries of 100 bytes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Getting an accurate count of characters in a variable RPG

Over recent years many of us are dealing with data in different character sets, not just the default CCSID of the partition we are using. The most common of these I encounter is UTF8.

UTF8 can contain double byte characters, which take two bytes for the character, as opposed to the standard single byte characters. If I am using a variable I have defined as UTF8 it is difficult to calculate the number of characters within, as the double byte characters result in an over count of the number of character present.

One of the additions to the RPG language as part of IBM i 7.5 Technology Refresh 1 and 7.4 TR7 are several things to make it possible to get a real character count from an UTF8 variable.

I am going to show several example programs to demonstrate how these new features work. Let me start with what I consider the most basic way, that is not bad thing I just me that IMHO the easiest. I am going to break this program into parts so it will be easy to explain what is happening. Let me start at the "top":

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Procedure parameter option to convert data type

Another addition to RPG within the IBM i 7.5 TR1 and 7.4 TR7 updates was a new option in the OPTIONS parameter when defining the call to a procedure.

Previously if you passed, for example, a date to a procedure the parameter within the procedure's interface would have to be a date too. If the wrong data type was passed it would error.

The addition to the OPTIONS parameter is:


Monday, January 2, 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

The old year is behind us, and I am always so hopefully and excited what the New Year will bring us all. Perhaps the new year will feel a bit more like the world returning to a kind of normal we have not seen for a couple of years.

In the IBM i world 2022 brought us:

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