Monday, October 6, 2014

7.1 TR9 and 7.2 TR1 announced

Technical Updates IBM i 7.1 TR9 and IBM i 7.2 7.2 coming soon

The new Technical Updates for the latest two releases of IBM i, 7.1 and 7.2, will be available on November 11, 2014.

TR9 for 7.1 includes updates to:

  • Web Navigator
  • Integrated Web Services Server to include the ability to create and host REST (Representational State Transfer) based web services to run with RPGLE and ILE Cobol programs.
  • Rational Developer for i update v9.1
  • Node.js with extensions to access DB2 for i and other ILE objects
  • HTTP Server for i
  • RPGLE extended ALIAS support.
  • WebSphere Commerce v7 Feature Pack 8
  • MQ v8
  • WebSphere Portal v8.5
  • Connections v 5.0 CR1
  • BRMS

You can see the developerWorks page here, and the announcement page here.

TR1 for 7.2 includes updates to:

  • DB2 for i performance enhancements
  • DB2 for i security enhancements
  • DB2 for i services
  • All of the 7.1 TR 9 updates, except the WebSphere Portal v8.5

You can see the developerWorks page here, and the announcement page here.


You can see examples of the new ALIAS and relaxed rules for data structure to file I/O operations here.

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