Monday, October 13, 2014

Modern Developers article from IBM Systems magazine

There are times I find an article or post in another publication that I think is worthy of a mention on this blog. One of these is the article "Modern Applications Start with Modern Developers" that was published in the IBM Systems Magazine special on "Enterprise Modernization", October 2014.

The authors, Jon Paris and Susan Gantner of Partner400, make an excellent case of why you should use the latest RPG:

Today’s RPG could easily be mistaken for most other modern languages, with both logic and data declarations in free format.

And give a cautionary piece of advice on why you should update your skills from old RPG to the new:

We have often cautioned managers looking to hire experienced RPGers to make sure that they look to spot the difference between someone who has 25 years' experience versus five years of experience five time over. Too often developers get to a point in their careers where they seem to feel that the RPG coding style and techniques they’ve been using are good enough. They see no reason to keep up to date with the latest in RPG enhancements and other modern IT advances.

The article can be view on the IBM Systems Magazine website here on pages 9 and 10.

Or you can see it as a PDF on Dropbox here.


  1. Good article, I love the bleeding edge of iSeries...if I can just talk my employer into taking that journey with me.


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