Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Node.js now available

node.js released for ibm i

Node.js was promised as part of Technical Refresh 9 for IBM i 7.1 and TR1 for 7.2. It was released yesterday, December 15 2014, as a new License Program Option.

Node.js is an open source runtime environment for server side and network applications. Its applications are written in JavaScript using Google's V8 JavaScript engine to execute code. Its runtime can execute on OS X, Microsoft, Free BSD, Linux (which can be hosted on a PowerSystems server along with IBM i) and now IBM i.

To run on the IBM i it requires the following prerequisites:

  • 5770SS1 option 33 – PASE
  • 5770SC1 option 1 – OpenSSH, OpenSSL, zlib functions, IBM Portable Utilities for i
  • 5770DG1 *BASE – IBM HTTP Server for i
  • 5733OPS option 1 – Node.js runtime for IBM i. This is the new License Program Option

The following will need to be loaded into your PASE environment to add extensions to any of the third party extensions and for a couple of non-license program components.

  • Python
  • GCC
  • Git

The License Program option for Node.js, 5733OPS, is included in the IBM i Bonus Package. If you are current on your support with IBM you are entitled to this. More specific details are given on IBM's developerWorks website here.

More information about Node.js can be found:

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