Friday, November 17, 2017

Last of 7.3 TR3 and 7.2 TR7 PTFs now available

last of ptfs for ibm i 7.3 tr3 and 7.2 tr 2 out now

I have been remiss in letting you know when the PTFs for parts of the latest Technology Refreshes, that were not released in October, became available.

The PTFs for the new RPG features were released November 6:

  • IBM i 7.2 TR7: SI66149
  • IBM i 7.3 TR3: Target release current SI66150
  • IBM i 7.3 TR3: Target release previous SI66153

More information about these PTFs can be found here.

A trial version of the new version of Rational Developer for i, RDi version 9.6, became available yesterday, Thursday November 15.

The full version will be available on November 21.

This page provides more information about the new version, including where to download it from.

That is it. All of the features and functions promised in the new TRs are now available to us.

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