Tuesday, February 13, 2018

IBM i 7.3 TR4 and 7.2 TR8 announced

ibm i 7.3 tr4 and ibm i 7.2 tr 8 announced

I find it interesting that the announcements of new Technical Refreshes are always made on a Tuesday. After finding empty pages for the new TRs last week it was obvious that the announcement would happen soon. What does the latest announcement contain:

The biggest announcement are the new Power9 chips are coming.

RPG: new function DATA-INTO. It will import data from a data document into a data structure, and will handle JSON, Property files, CSV files, etc. Alas, documentation for this is currently unavailable, and will only be released when the PTF has been made available.

RPG: Latest version of ARCAD Observer of IBM i for RDi.

CL: Create CL module, CRTCLMOD, and bound program, CRTBNDCL, commands will allow compile from source in the IFS. And an Include command, INCLUDE, will allow source from another IFS stream file to be included when compiled. This is seen as a major step in allowing for your source to be controlled in a Git like tool. Alas, I cannot find documentation for these changed commands.

Integrated Web Services: Various enhancements, including to the client for ILE for enhanced error reporting.

Access Client Solutions: New features to the IFS support feature. Database tool updates for handling journal objects, Visual Explain, and Run SQL scripts.

I have to say I am disappointed as there appears to be no enhancements for Db2 for i. We have been spoiled in prior TRs in recent years with many new and enhanced tables, functions, and features.

IBM hopes to have the PTFs for the TRs available on March 16, 2018.

Here are the links to the announcement pages I have found:

When I find more information about these new TRs I will update this post.

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