Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Technology Refreshes are coming

are ibm i 7.3 tr4 and 7.2 tr8 coming soon?

In the past the twice yearly Technology Refreshes updates for the current releases of IBM i were announced in the middle of February and the beginning of October, to coincide with Common USA events.

While Common does not appear to have a Spring conference this year (at the time I am writing this post their website is unavailable), the announcement of IBM i 7.3 TR4 and 7.2 TR8 could still be on track for this month as I have found empty pages for them in IBM developerWork's website.


I have to admit being an IBM i geek, I get excited with the thoughts of what goodies IBM will bring us in these TRs. If you have entered a Request for Enhancement, RFE, perhaps yours will be included.

I will be keeping tabs on any more information about this, and when I learn more I will share it here, on RPGPGM.COM.


  1. Common's Spring Conference, dubbed POWERUp18, is in San Antonio this year.


    1. But that is not until May.

      I hope we see the TRs before then.

    2. They will most likely be available before this years even if the conference usually takes place in May. Guessing there will be alot of new IBM Power9 systems announced during Think! where TRs needed for HW support.


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