Friday, February 22, 2019

Another sign a TR for IBM i 7.3 is imminent

IBM has started teasing us with information about a new Technology Refresh.

Yesterday a new page was published in the "IBM i Technology Update" wiki for TR6 for IBM i version 7.3. At present the page is just a place holder with the words "stay tuned..." on it. You can visit it here.

What I find interesting is that there is no mention of an equivalent TR for IBM i 7.2 . This would be TR10.

IBM i 7.1 had 11 TRs. Is this an oversight or a tease waiting to publish the version 7.2 page later? Or will IBM not release any further TRs for 7.2 as version 7.4 will be released instead?

Only time will tell. And as soon I learn anything I will share it with you on this blog.


  1. Most likely reason is that 7.4 is coming and this TR will contain the 7.4 content that is being made available on the previous release.

    1. I still wonder if this is signalling the end of TR enhancements for IBM i 7.2.


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