Friday, February 1, 2019

Let's make February IBM i user group month

You regular readers know that I believe that we should all get involved with our local IBM i user groups.

To help you find your nearest group I have a list of all the user groups I have found on a page in this website:

I review and update the list with the following information on a regular basis:

  • Websites
  • Facebook groups
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Twitter accounts

I am sure this is not a complete list of all the IBM i user groups in the world. I need your help to add to and revise this list. If you know of any user groups not on the list, need their information updated, or any of their social media accounts please use the Contact Form, right, to send me the information you have.

For example, in India there are many of IBM i folks. Are there really no user groups there?

Let's make February IBM i user group month!


  1. Keep the IBM i user groups alive by involvement and participation. This will benefit all globally!

  2. This is a great dedication and initiative.
    We should try for the success of this by providing suggestions to IBM to keep this machine alive for coming decades.


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