Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The end of developerWorks is nigh

I noticed at the top of all the IBM developerWorks pages I visit there is the following message:

The developerWorks Connections platform will be sunset on December 31, 2019. On January 1, 2020, this community and its content (wikis, blogs, forums, files, activities) will no longer be available.

For me this is sad news. I like the developerWorks website as it is the first place that lists the new enhancements for all new IBM i releases and Technical Refreshes. By all means the information can be found elsewhere in IBM's websites, but I always like the immediacy of the information being there in the developerWorks site.

It also hosts the RPG Café which is an excellent resource to accompany the rest of IBM's RPG documentation.

By clicking on the "Learn more" link I reach a page describing, in detail, the reasons for sun setting developerWorks, and what will replace it. I do worry that all the content that is within the developerWorks will not be migrated to the new sites, and it will be lost. Only time will tell if the new sites can measure up to their forbearer.


  1. Simon, does this mean IBM will move on from I series..?
    Is it something alarming?

    1. As far as the future of IBM i goes this is not a portend of the "end". IBM is committed to this operating system for the foreseeable future.

      All this is is the end of one website that I, and many others, really like. Hopefully all the information contained within developerWorks will be moved to their new websites.

  2. IBM is simply consolidating it's many support websites into a more streamlined way of locating material is how it looks.


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