Wednesday, July 21, 2021

IBM updates Power branding

pibm rebrands power brand

IBM has updated their branding for the Power range of servers and architecture. I could also say the processor has been rebranded too, but in my opinion POWER9 has been replaced by the newer, faster Power10 processor. They have designed what I think is a pretty cool logo for the Power10, that I have placed to the right of this text.

No longer do we have the IBM PowerSystems family of servers, they have been rebranded to IBM Power.

The architecture rebranding is just changing from all upper case POWER architecture to the newly rebranded: Power.

Does this change the way the servers and operating system, IBM i, we love works?

No, unless you count the fact that Power10 processors are a lot faster than the POWER9.

Personally I prefer the new brand name for the servers, IBM Power, and I do like the Power10 logo.


  1. Keeps getting better and better!

  2. IBM Power simply the best processor ever.

  3. to quote Al Barsa "our computer has had more names than Elizabeth Taylor!"

  4. Play UP the Power IBM! If only all systems were IBMi...

  5. Great information. I like it too. Thanks for sharing..


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