Thursday, February 24, 2022

Is this proof iNext is IBM i 7.5?

is inext 7.5

IBM's own Support Roadmap shows a new release coming this year, which they have given the marvelously mysterious name: iNext. The only unknown is would this new release be 7.5 or 8.1 .

I have heard whispers from within the IBM i community that the new release would be 7.5 . Although no-one could offer any hard proof that it would be.

I received an email from AG (full name withheld to protect his anonymity), that he had found a file in IBM's manual downloads site for QMGTOOLS a file with the name: qmgtool750.savf

Looking at the other files in the directory it would appear that the number within the name of these files relates to the release they are for. Thus, this file would be the one for 7.5 .

I have looked in the all the "dark corners" I know of trying to find another reference of this pending release to no avail. It looks like this one is the first proof to slip through to places where us non-IBMers can see.

I have heard no rumors of the time this year the new release would be announced. Perhaps this file is a sign that the announcement is coming soon.

"Watch this space" as they say. As soon as I learn anything more, I will write about it on this website.

A big thank you to AG for informing me of this.


  1. I have heard many times Steve Will say 7.5 'because it sounds nice.' :-)

  2. Simon it could be another rebrand by IBM...but I still call it AS/400

    1. No rebrand. It will be IBM i for the foreseeable future (a senior person at IBM has told me).

      Do you know it has been called Power server for more years than the server was called AS/400? Same with the operating system name, it has been IBM i for longer than OS/400?

      The problem is that the rest of the world sees "AS/400" and considers it old technology, it has not be called that since 2000. This is why for our future careers we need to call it its modern name, IBM i, to help promote it to the Windows centric naysayers.

  3. I completely agree. I have always thought that the system has been underrated by many people ... but not by me who have been working on it since 1990. Already in the early 2000s I was experimenting with the use of Multithreaded SocketServers and much more on this powerful platform open to the world.


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